Albany Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc.

What does ACCI do?
Our mission is to foster an environment in which businesses will prosper to the benefit of all who live and work in Albany and the region. We aim to represent effectively the views of our business community, which includes taking an active part in all matters affecting the City, Region and State, with the view of improving, promoting and protecting Albany businesses.

Narrow Block Home Builder

Narrow Block Home Builder
Imagine moving into a large city with crowded streets and not very much space to build. You want to build your own house but the lots you are finding are very narrow. How can you build a 2500 Square foot house on such a narrow lot? Space needs to be utilized and imaginative. Narrow block houses are compact homes that are able to fit on small narrow lots. The house plans are created and drawn by the leading designers. Each house is available in quaint and charming design. These charming houses will fit where traditional homes will not. Narrow Lot home plans are ready for you to inspect. You can make upgrades or change the look of your own custom home.

In city blocks, it is difficult to squeeze a regular size house into the lots square footage. Regular house plans may cause you to get rid of the garage or build up instead of out. Your new home is your dream so you should be able to build your house where ever you wish. If you want to be on a small lot them you may have to go with the tiny or narrow block homes.

Kitchens are one of the places that do not need to suffer because of space. A contemporary house plan may include 6 burner stoves, backsplashes, large refrigerators, and middle fixed islands. Anyone searching for the plans for a small narrow house may need to look into removable center islands and floor plans that offer the perfect appliances. Narrow homes may need a little tweaking to get everything that you hope you can include in your build. Stainless steel appliances, double door refrigerators, dishwashers, and high cabinets can fit into the narrow home floor plans. A Narrow block home builder at Interline will be able to make your house dreams come true no matter how narrow the lot is.

Detox Tea – Some things to Think About

Detox Tea – Some things to Think About
The typical Western diet alone is a reason one may want to try something like a detox tea. With all of the processed foods we eat, piled on top of fertilizers and pesticides used to grow our food, the amount of toxic sludge running through our veins is enough to make a person cringe. Now throw in a busy work schedule and lack of exercise helping to keep those toxins trapped in, and the problem is magnified. There are also medications, air pollution of all different kinds, and maybe an alcoholic beverage here or there. Each of one of these may seem small, but when you add them up and think of all of the things that pass through the human body on a daily basis, it can be overwhelming.

There are many kinds of Reviveme detox tea on the market for those interested in ridding themselves of all the yucky things that pass through and get trapped in our cells. Choosing the right detox tea for you depends on many things. First, do you have any allergies? Are you looking to lose weight in addition to cleansing your body? Do you need a daytime detox tea to get your morning started or something to soothe and relax you before bed, or a system that offers both? Oh, and what kind of flavors do you like? There’s no reason you can’t find something that tastes great as well.

These are a few of the questions to ask yourself when choosing the detox tea that’s right for you. The detox tea you end up choosing comes down to a matter of personal preference and what you are ultimately looking to achieve.

Office Fit Outs Melbourne

Office Fit outs Melbourne

No task on office fit outs Melbourne is demanding, the office fit outs job in Melbourne is delivered on time, on budget and according to the specifications. It is important to hire office fit outs Melbourne that has experience in the task so as to achieve the best results. An office that looks amazing motivates the employees, hence better productivity and at the same time it will give a good impression to both clients and customers. To add on this, an office fit out is not just about putting stations of work in a row or painting walls, it must consider the business equipment and machinery that you have, and other needs of your clients and customers. Simple steps can be used to office fit outs Melbourne and refurbishing the office and be successful. The first thing you should do when thinking of an office fit out is to choose a good internal project team and make a clear budget. You should choose a project leader carefully and he or she should be reasoned and calm. Office fit outs Melbourne analyses the flow and space of your work, moods and opinions, goals, visions and missions, needs and benefits. You should therefore think of these things. Then, you can choose a good and qualified office fit outs specialists. Office fit outs Melbourne at Kontract Interiors has pride in giving customers satisfaction and best results. Then, develop a design and approve. Ensure you give your interior designers an ample time and feedback as soon as you can. Work hand in hand with your partner of office fit out and make proper plans to avoid unnecessary disruptions. Always be active in the process of your office fit out and do not hesitate to inquire anything from your office fit out partner. After completion of the fit out brief and orient your employees of the new work space.